Maximilian Lorenz Jantscher
born on 6. September 1953 in Trofaiach, Austria
Agency Receflor e.U.

Self-taught, began painting at a young age – watercolour and oil. Rediscovered love for structural design with colour after several decades as a successful industry manager – plaster relief technique.

Modern Art in Modern Times
Precise structures from his experience in management blend with elements from the inner soul – this combination of clarity and alienation, which permeate each other, appeals to the beholder on different emotional levels and generates a subconscious relation to his/her own inner worlds of color and form.

The 4 elements which are expressed in these pieces both physically and ethereally, have a both a disturbing and a calming effect, yet ultimately a harmonising effect on the beholder.


2010: Exhibition at “Communications Center Donawitz (CCD) / Voest Alpine”, Leoben

2009: Exhibition at “Exhibition Center Manar Mall” in Ras al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates); Gallery Liboris in Dubai [Photos]

2008: Exhibition at the castle Gabelhofen, Styria; creation of an artwork for local administrative office Mühldorf [Photos]; preparation for exhibitions in Germany and USA

2007: Exhibition at the Graz Casino [Photos]; creation of an artwork in the chapel of hospital Barmherzige Brüder in graz; commissioned works for projects in Austria

2006: Exhibition at Airport Graz/Austria; exhibition at the Graz Casino

2005: Presentation of individual artworks at Landgasthof hammerl in Grambach/Graz and REstaurant Kuperdachl, Unterpremstätten; exhibition at the Güssing Technology Centre; exhibition at Erlebnisbrauerei Rudolf in Graz; exhibition at the Graz Casino exhibition in Sparkasse Feldbach.

2004: Exhibition in Schoellerbank/Graz; City-Park/Graz; Vital Hotel/Bad Radkersburg; Raiffeisenbank Feldbach; presentation at Salzburg Art Fair; creation of an artwork as logo for Graz “Cultural Marathon”.